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Simple and classy

Green Line Collection

Discover our collection for your everyday training!

Choose from a wide range of mouthpieces. We have combined these sensibly with short and long loose jawed shanks or also immovably welded. Depending on the training level of horse and rider as well as your ambitions, you can choose the right bit here.

The mouthpieces of the Green Line are mainly made of Sweet Iron, which your horse will gladly accept because of the sweet taste. Only movable elements at the Correction Ports, as well as rollers at Billy Allen and Hinge Ports are made of stainless steel, so that they will not rust over time. As a standard width we offer 5 1/4" between the shanks for Correction and Snaffles and 15" for Steady Bits, Billy Allen and Hinge Ports.

Green Shanks

Choose your mouthpiece with short and long shanks or immovably welded.


The main material is Sweet Iron, only movable elements are made of stainless steel.

Lateral sleeves

Green Line mouthpieces with loose jawed shanks are connected with sleeves. These are made of stainless steel.


You will find our quality mark in every shank of our Green Line Bits.